Remote Patient Monitoring

Early warning system to know when fragile and chronic patients require your attention. Patients respond to automated, algorithm driven electronic queries via smart phone app, text, email, desktop or tablet. Queries match patient health profiles and are dynamic to detect disease progression, decompensation, change in symptoms and status. Those whose responses indicate they are trending poorly or who have crossed clinical thresholds are called to attention on a color-coded dashboard for practice follow up.


  • Identify and Halt Disease Progression Sooner
  • Prevent Hospitalization and Re-Admission
  • Improve Quality & Comply with Specific MACRA Quality
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction and
  • Bring Greater Security to Your At-Risk Populations

Patient monitoring system where your at-risk patients receive and respond to electronic queries that track their chronic diseases, co-morbidities, symptoms, etc. Disease specific KPIs (glucose, bp, weight, peak airflow, etc.), changes in symptoms, patient observations, med-adherence, etc. are self-reported and displayed on a color-coded dashboard to your staff. Poorly trending patients and those that have crossed clinical thresholds are brought to attention on the dashboard as well as email and text alerts.

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