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“Smart phones create a new paradigm for effectively managing chronic disease. It has certainly helped me.”
Matt Ethington, CEO ChronicCareIQ

ChronicCareIQ was co-founded by Matt Ethington and Eric Eschenbach. Chronic diseases are medical conditions that can’t be cured so they have to be controlled. If not, they create deadly complications in a vicious downward cycle.
For patients, controlling chronic diseases is difficult without the assistance of a trained medical professional. Matt was diagnosed with type I diabetes at the age of 30 and learned first-hand how challenging it is for a patient and doctor to stay synchronized around care.
Drawing upon those two perspectives, Matt and the ChronicCareIQ team created technology that empowers patients to keep their doctors current and informed on their status. ChronicCareIQ’s award winning technology dynamically keeps doctors updated on a patient’s conditions.
A color coded dashboard alerts the doctor’s team when a patient is trending poorly or has crossed a clinical threshold. This enables appropriate staff to get involved earlier, halt disease progression sooner, or identify and prevent adverse events without hiring third parties or an army of staff.
Doctors, patients and their family members maintain stronger and more rewarding relationships. It boosts morale in busy clinics and makes managing these complex patients much easier and less time consuming. Because Medicare now reimburses doctors for eleven different CPT codes related to monitoring and managing patients outside the office, there is a near immediate ROI and strong revenue boost backed with robust reporting and audit documentation.

Benefits of our Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

  • Increase new monthly revenue by $10k or more per provider – see the CCM Revenue Calculator.
  • Proactively engage patients and reduce hospitalizations and readmissions.
  • Monitor patients’ status between visits on a central dashboard which displays color-coded alerts.
  • Integrates easily and effectively with your EHR.
  • Avoid risk with monthly compliance reports.
  • Reduce demands on staff by automating CCM.
  • Improve care coordination – share alerts with other members of the care team, including other providers, family members, or patient advocates.
  • All for a flat monthly fee.

CCM stats

The Cost of Managing Chronic Care

  • 84% of all healthcare spending is on patients with one or more chronic diseases.
  • 68% of Medicare patients have two or more chronic diseases.
  • 50% of American adults have a chronic disease.

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