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Earn Medicare reimbursements easily with our remote patient management system

Better outcomes + Bigger reimbursements

Most chronic illnesses are non-lethal – and yet 7 out of 10 chronic patients die from their illnesses! ChronicCareIQ is a next-gen chronic care management system that acts as an early warning system … so you can head-off patient health crises before they happen.


Actively and reliably engages patients on an on-going basis before little problems become big ones.


Outreach, tracking and documentation with no extra work for your staff.


Ensures you’re billing optimally and mitigates risk

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Better patient satisfaction

When patients are sick, they want direct access to their doctor as conveniently as possible. ChronicCareIQ keeps a constant line of communication open, building a strong relationship between the doctor’s office and patient while also creating accountability and soothing the anxiety that chronic illness can bring.

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Make up to $10,000 more each month with CCIQ

Tired of not getting paid for the work you do for your chronic patients? Practices that use ChronicCareIQ can make up to $10,000 more every month PER PROVIDER because CCIQ performs billable tasks AND tracks the billable tasks your staff completes.

How much more could your practice be billing with ChronicCareIQ?

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Dr. Spotlight – Providers’ thoughts on CCIQ

Chronic care management is tough. So many complex facets. So much tracking and paperwork. Not to mention, getting your patients to stick with their treatments as you’ve prescribed. Doctors love CCIQ because it allows them to provide a higher level of care that they deserve.

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Not many medical tech companies can say they were founded on a personal mission. CCIQ can.

Founder Matt Ethington created CCIQ because of his own experience as a chronically ill patient. Matt was blindsided by a mysterious illness at age 30. During his long and arduous recovery, he and his doctor were seldom on the same page. “Here I was injecting something potentially deadly into my body, and I had to wait 2 or more days to get a call back. I never wanted to be that far away from my doctor again.”

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