Remote Patient Care – Simplified.

ChronicCareIQ’s award-winning technology integrates remote patient monitoring, chronic care management and telemedicine to connect you to your patients, maximizing reimbursement and minimizing documentation – all for one low monthly fee.

Remote Patient Care (COVID-19)

Cloud-Based Remote Patient Care

ChronicCareIQ is a remote care management solution that helps doctors and hospitals generate and sustain net new recurring revenue through monitoring and e-visits for Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring and Transitional Care Management programs. Our simple-to-use, turnkey solution empowers physicians to connect with their patients by utilizing technology patients already have, including smartphones, tablets, computers and even landlines.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Mitigate disease progression by extending care oversight outside your practice and into the patient’s home.
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Chronic Care Management

Get paid for the work your staff is already performing while boosting care quality and patient satisfaction.
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Transitional Care Management

Real-time discharge notifications allow your practice to perform outreach to patients in a timely manner.
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How Can Busy Practices Offer CCM, RPM and TCM Without Losing Revenue by Outsourcing?

The answer is ChronicCareIQ, an award-winning connected care software platform that helps you proactively engage with your patients through remote monitoring and e-visits. Learn more in our latest white paper.

Connected Care in a Value-Based World

Win/Win/Win with ChronicCareIQ for Remote Patient Monitoring

Chronic Care Management Patient Improve Care

Improve Patient Care

With ChronicCareIQ, you can remotely monitor and manage those patients most in need, improving outcomes and satisfaction.

Chronic Care Management Nurse Streamline Process

Streamline Operations

ChronicCareIQ is easy to administer and embraced by patients, with outstanding support to help you achieve success.

Chronic Care Management Doctor Increase Revenue

Increase Net Revenue

Medicare reimbursement for CCM begins at $42/per patient/per month but can be as much as $234 per month in recurring revenue.

Physicians use the ChronicCareIQ platform to collect real-time information about their at-risk patients without extra work for the practice.

91% of patients find the product helpful

87% patient retention at one year

Chronic Care Management Software Dashboard

Chronic Care Management Made As Easy as 123

Remote Patient Management Patient Viewing Phone

Step 1:

Sign Up Patients

ChronicCareIQ offers support to help you enroll patients, who welcome the opportunity to maintain better communications with their medical provider.

Step 2:

Monitor Patients

Staff members access a color-coded dashboard that highlights patients requiring attention, allowing early intervention to reduce hospitalizations and improve outcomes.

Remote Patient Management Nurse Monitoring Patients
Chronic Care Management Doctor with Bank

Step 3:

Streamline Compliance and Reimbursement

The software automatically captures time expended on interactions, prepares a monthly billing report for your PMS and maintains logs to verify compliance.

How Chronic Care Management Unleashes New Revenue for Your Practice

The old way of operating – and funding – a medical practice is gone, thanks to a number of factors including the COVID-19 pandemic, the move to value-based care, the greying of America and ongoing cuts to reimbursement. Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring and Transitional Care Management offer a new source of revenue while helping physicians deliver better care to their most medically fragile patients – even when they can’t come to the office.


CCM Revenue Calculator


Net Reimbursement

1 month


1 year


3 years


Beyond CCM – New Billing Codes for Connected Care

From the basic $42/month for CCM to $234 for transitional care management services, there are a range of billing codes. Let us help you optimize your coding and billing!

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Making CCM Easy – and Profitable

At ChronicCareIQ, we understand that each practice is different, with unique challenges and specific hurdles to offering CCM, RPM, and TCM. Practices with a high Medicare volume, including internal medicine, cardiology, pulmonology and hepatology, are a good fit. Here’s why we think ChronicCareIQ works best for a majority of practices.

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The Three Ways CCM is Performed

ChronicCareIQ Has the Features and Resources to Ensure CCM, RPM and TCM Success

Intuitive Technology

Technology doesn’t have to be complicated and difficult to use, and ChronicCareIQ is proof! It lets anyone in the practice quickly check on patients.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

The color-coded dashboard streamlines the process of identifying patients who need immediate follow-up, heightened monitoring and ongoing oversight.

Monthly Billing Reports

At the end of the month, ChronicCareIQ produces a report that simplifies the process of billing multiple codes – with back-up documentation.

Automated Email Enrollment

Signing up patients can be a major roadblock, but ChronicCareIQ makes it easy with an automated email enrollment program.

CCIQ University

CCM has expanded significantly since it was rolled out in 2015, but with CCIQ, you can stay on top of the latest regulations, guidelines and codes.

Dedicated Success Managers

We’re here to help you succeed! Let our experienced success managers help you identify best practices and revenue opportunities.

The ChronicCareIQ Experience

Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring and Transitional Care Management will improve outcomes for patients with chronic illnesses and provide new revenue to help your business grow! Hear from physicians and patients about the difference ChronicCareIQ has made for them.

Take a Quick, 20-minute Tour of Our Chronic Care Management Software

During your demo, one of our ChronicCareIQ experts will walk you through all the easy-to-use features within our award-winning software, including:

  • Examples of the individualized surveys your patients will complete

  • The easy-to-use dashboard that makes remote patient monitoring simple and efficient

  • Our Integrated “CallerIQ” system that allows you to easily track your time for billing purposes and maximize your reimbursement

  • Insights into new CMS regulations and the numerous CPT billing codes available to you for reimbursement

Surviving COVID-19: E-Visits and Remote Patient Management

ChronicCareIQ is your turnkey remote patient management platform, empowering you to convert office visits to e-visits while patients are quarantined at home and remotely manage fragile and at-risk patients on an ongoing basis. Leverage more than 15 remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care (CCM) reimbursement codes to bolster your practice income while maintaining staff productivity.


With ChronicCareIQ, you can keep COVID-19 out of your waiting room, continue to provide quality care with remote management, and enable your staff to work from home while monitoring, supporting and communicating with patients.






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