ChronicCareIQ – Succeed with CCM

The first automated chronic care management solution that makes it easy to qualify for CCM payments. ChronicCareIQ proactively engages patients through remote monitoring, alerts you to patients requiring attention, and automates Medicare compliance.

Ready to add to your bottom line?

Increase Net New Revenue

Don’t miss out on CCM reimbursement, dilute your payments or add staff. ChronicCareIQ can increase your revenue by at least $10k per provider per month.

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Reduce Demands on Staff

The automated ChronicCareIQ solution fits into your current workflow, uses existing staff and eliminates manual CCM management and time tracking.

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Improve Patient Care

ChronicCareIQ incorporates remote patient monitoring. Monitored patients are shown to live longer, have fewer hospitalizations and achieve better quality of life.

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Simple to use | Turnkey Implementation | Fast ROI

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Physician Practices

Manage patients more efficiently and increase revenue.
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Health Systems & Hospitals

Reduce hospital readmissions and penalties.
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Help providers gain control over rising chronic care costs.
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Automated Chronic Care Management for Cardiology

How to protect your independence, achieve the best outcomes, and bring new comfort to your patients.

  • 3 critical factors to remaining independent
  • MACRA – You really don’t have a choice
  • Keys to maintaining and strengthening patient relationships
  • Net new revenue in healthcare – Are you leaving money on the table?
  • The future of healthcare

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